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Benefits of Mini Dental Implants Concord, CA

Mini Dental Implants are the latest in dental implant technology in Concord, CA, and offer a wide scope of treatment options to patients seeking dental restoration. Mini Dental Implants in Concord California themselves are an innovation upon traditional implant technology which uses titanium screws applied directly to Concord patient’s bone to secure dental prosthetics. While revolutionary, this more traditional procedure requires invasive surgical techniques and often several return visits to complete. The longer healing time can also present complications as well.

Mini Dental Implants are a refinement of dental implant procedures and techniques. The implant devices themselves are slimmer than the original implant design, at 3mm or less in diameter, and are also made of titanium. The qualities of titanium allow for the jaw bone to fuse with more stability to the implant, so that the prosthetics attached are more secure. With this more slender design feature, however, what was once an invasive and drawn out surgical process has become a procedure that can be completed within a matter of hours. This minimally invasive process also means a patient’s recovery time is much quicker compared with traditional implant procedures. Patients that undergo Mini Dental Implant procedures can expect nearly a full recovery in a matter of weeks, whereas traditional implant processes can take a matter of months, with several stages necessary for completion.

Mini Dental Implants are versatile in that not only can they treat a number of conditions, they are also able to treat a wide variety of patients. Where some individuals may not be ideal candidates for traditional dental implants, not having suitable bone thickness at the intended implant site, almost anyone (provided they are in good oral health) can be considered for the Mini Dental Implant procedure.

Whether it is a single tooth that needs to be replaced with a crown, or a full set of dentures, Mini Dental Implants can enhance the effectiveness of traditional dental prosthetics. As the implant mimics a natural tooth root, single tooth replacement feels as natural and stable as the rest of your teeth. Bridges are made more stable by Mini Dental Implants, and do not require the modification of healthy surrounding teeth. Denture can be anchored more securely, reducing anxiety over their shifting.

Additionally, because recovery time, procedure length, and materials used are a fraction of that of traditional dental implants, Mini Dental Implants are extremely cost effective. Revolutionary. Cutting edge.  Cost effective. If you’re in need of treatment for tooth replacement, Mini Dental Implants are an efficient, versatile, and convenient solution.