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The History of Mini Dental Implants Concord, CA

Dental Implant Concord technology grew out of the research done with titanium implants in the 50’s and 60’s, when it was discovered that titanium’s properties were particularly ideal for implantation in bone.  While not only being strong, titanium’s unique qualities allowed for bone regrowth in Concord CA around the implant to such a degree that it effectively fused the implant in place. Patients in Concord California should take advantage of the advancements in implants.

Miniature Dental Implants were first used in the 1990’s, their advent heralding a new era in dental implant technology. Where previous versions of the procedure required more invasive techniques, longer healing times, and occasional bone grafting, miniature dental implants allow for a minimally invasive procedure, while cutting down on the length of both the procedure itself as well as the recovery. Additionally, Mini Dental Implants can be secured in areas of the mouth that may not have enough bone thickness that a traditional implant would require.

The Mini Dental Implant was an innovation of Dr. Victor I. Sendax in an attempt to find a device suited to securing dental prosthetics in place. In collaboration with Dr. Ronald Bulard, the two refined the device and developed the implant procedure, which today is used not only for the stabilization of removable prosthetics, but as a technique for implanting fixed prosthetics such as crowns and bridges.

Once inserted, the Mini Dental Implant acts much like a natural tooth root would; embedded within the jawbone, the tiny screw acts as an anchoring device for the crown, bridge, or denture which is eventually attached. This allows the dental prosthetic to not only look and act more like natural teeth, but to feel more like natural teeth. With the prosthetic secured, the mini dental implant provides a stability and a look in which any patient can feel confident.

Mini Dental Implants offer the additional advantage of being less costly than traditional implant procedures, due to  the reduced length and invasiveness of the procedure and quicker healing times.  Moreover, they require no modification to the surrounding teeth, as with more traditional procedures.  Mini Dental Implants provide security, stability, confidence, restoring your teeth’s function as well as restoring your smile, while making available the latest in dental technology to improve and ensure the future of your oral health.