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Patients suffering in Concord CA from tooth loss know that their condition means a number of complications beyond just needing teeth replaced. Tooth loss is both a cosmetic as well as an oral healthcare concern which can be addressed by a variety of dental prosthetic solutions in Concord California. However, in some cases, those solutions can come with their own set of complications in Concord. Some individuals may experience shifting ofthe prosthetic, which results in performance problems, or even pain. Patients in need of tooth replacement therapy suffer a long term problem; Dental implants can offer a long term solution.

The dental implant device consists of a titanium alloy which screws into place directly into the jaw bone.  Once implanted, it effectively fuses with the surrounding bone, providing a sturdy foundation upon which a dental prosthetic may be placed. The reliability of the dental implant makes the procedure an ideal choice for the right candidate looking to restore their smile, offering both a more natural look as well as a more natural feel.

Dental implants offer several benefits over some more traditional dental restoration techniques, primarily because of the stability the implant provides. For crown, it offers a natural feel as it replicates the strength and sensation of the tooth root; in the case of bridges, dental implants offer improved security of the prosthetic, while allowing the healthy surrounding teeth to remain unmodified. Dental Implants can also be a solution to patients experiencing complications with their full or partial dentures. When anchored to an implant, the denture is held in place more securely. The denture wearer in this case can expect less slippage of the prosthetic, which will result in more comfor, improved performance when chewing, and improved speech. 

With Dental Implants, not only is the condition of tooth loss addressed, but the complications associated with other treatments can be reduced or alleviated entirely. The cosmetic, social, and medical issues related to dental prosthetics are no longer necessary to endure with the advent of dental implant technology. Instead of suffering through the complications of a long term problem, smile with the confidence of a long term solution.