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Denture Information Concord, CA

Dentures are a simple and reliable way to treat the problem of tooth loss for patients in Concord California. They are versatile in that they can be tailored to supplement any arrangement of remaining healthy teeth, while being both cosmetic and functional in Concord. Dentures can be fixed or removable, treating the upper or lower jaw, and are available as full or partial tooth replacement for patients in Concord, CA.

Dentures treat a number of problems associated with tooth loss. Principally they address an individual’s ability to chew food, and the dental prosthetic’s function is in that regard ultimately one of utility. Another issue that dentures address as tooth replacement therapy is to restore speech ability that may have diminished after tooth loss.

While these are certainly essential functions of dentures, one of the pressing issues they treat is that of general oral health. Tooth loss can not only allow for shifting among remaining teeth, but can contribute to decreased efficiency in a patient’s own oral healthcare methods. Side effects can contribute to heart disease and generally deteriorating health, in some cases increasing risk for stroke or certain types of cancers. 

In addition to functional and medical concerns, dental prosthetics treat the cosmetic aspects of tooth loss as well. Dental technologies have improved to a degree that dentures wearers no longer need to be self conscious about their appearance. Most dental prosthetics have a natural look that either blend with a patients remaining teeth, or genuinely appear to be the owner’s own teeth. The cosmetic function of dentures adds to the wearer’s confidence in their newly restored, appealing smile

Dentures also offer a durable, long lasting solution to the problem of tooth loss. The prosthetics, when properly cared for are a reliable, sturdy solution that promise to maintain their functionality and their natural look for years to come.

An investment in your health, in your appearance, your confidence that lasts a lifetime: Dentures provide both functionality and security of your teeth. With their versatility, a natural look, and tailored results, your dentist can restore your smile and your confidence with a dental prosthetic that is right for you and your oral healthcare needs.