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Whether through injury or disease, tooth loss can be a difficult experience for a patient in Concord California. Not only can it be unsightly, the remaining teeth may shift out of place, and eating can become a difficult endeavor for patients in Concord. Dental prosthetics which treat tooth loss are sometimes accompanied by their own set of problems. For Concord California traditional tooth loss treatments, existing teeth sometimes must be subject to potentially unpleasant reshaping processes, and in some cases teeth that may be healthy must be permanently modified in order to accept a prosthetic. Dentures can impede speech, interfere with eating, and cause physical discomfort or social anxiety.

Fortunately Mini Dental Implants (MDIs)  are a versatile, affordable, and effective solution for both the problems of tooth loss as well as the problems associated with other treatments. Dental implant technology allows for a closer imitation of the likeness and function of natural teeth. Traditional Dental Implants, though effective, may not be a viable option for some patients. In the cases where a patient’s bone thickness at the potential implant site is not ideal, there simply is not enough room for implantation, or where recovery time may be an issue, Mini Dental Implants may be a more suitable option.

As with traditional Dental Implants, the Mini Dental Implants are titanium alloys, which adhere to the jaw bone upon healing. The smaller size of the MDI however translates into a quicker implantation procedure in addition to a reduction in the patient’s recovery time; though the implant is inserted directly into the bone, its smaller size allows for a minimally invasive procedure that is quicker to heal.

Depending on the patient’s need, Mini Dental Implants can improve the full array of dental prosthetic treatments. It can easily replace a single missing tooth and offer a natural look and feel, as the implant device is inserted at the approximate depth of a natural tooth’s root. Bridges can be secured without having to modify the surrounding healthy teeth, and dentures can be stabilized resulting in better function, more cosmetic value, and greater confidence. Additionally, Mini Dental Implants can be less expensive than their traditional counterpart which adds to the appeal of the procedure. Mini Dental Implants offer completeness, comfort, and affordability to those looking to restore their smile.