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Traditional Dental Implants vs. Mini Dental Implants

In Concord CA both Traditional Dental Implants and Mini Dental Implants represent revolutionary breakthroughs in dental prosthetic technology. The discovery that titanium is an optimal alloy for implantation was essential to the creation of dental implants in Concord California, as its ability to “osseointegrate,” or fuse with existing bone, is what makes it so incredibly stable as a dental implant.  Mini Dental Implants Concord, also made of titanium, are about half the diameter of traditional implants, at about 3mm or less. The development of these smaller implants, while serving the same purpose as traditional implants, has opened up the candidacy restrictions for this type of dental procedure.

A patient who may not meet the necessary standards for a traditional implant procedure may easily be considered a candidate for the Mini Dental Implant. The primary consideration in deciding between the traditional or the Mini Dental Implant is whether or not the patient has sufficient bone thickness at the site where implantation is to occur. Some may have an appropriate bone thickness, which can support a traditional implant, where others, such as denture wearers who experience a loss of bone mass in the jaw, simply do not have enough bone to complete the surgery. There may also be circumstances in which a traditional implant cannot fit in its intended space in the mouth.

In these cases, Mini Dental Implants can serve the same purpose, while requiring less room in the mouth, and less restriction due to reduced bone mass. Like the traditional implant, the Mini Dental Implant serves as the anchor for a crown, bridge, or denture, but just as it differs in size, it also differs slightly in the implantation process. Where a traditional implant may require several procedures to complete over time, Mini Implant procedures can be completed in one visit to the dentist. And as the Mini Implant does not require an invasive surgery and stitches, the recovery time is much faster as well.  Another advantage Mini Dental Implants provide is reduced cost, as procedure time, materials, and visits are reduced as well.

So, how can you tell which implant is appropriate for you? What are the benefits or detriments of each procedure? Your dentist is your best resource for discovering your options and planning your unique path to dental restoration and prosthetics, and will work with you to decide which course of action is the most fitting for your personal needs.